"Someone can display courage by doing the out-of-the-ordinary, another by doing the ordinary…"- Soren Kierkegaard

Our world is filled with instances of extraordinary deeds by ordinary individuals. And none were done with the intention to do something heroic. Some get applauded for their courage.While some just continue to show courage in everyday life without anyone recognizing them.

The Times of India pays respect to these common people, who have done a great deed for their fellow citizens but have not been given their due. We will unearth these heroes so that that they get recognized for their selfless acts.

Heroes who make Kolkata complete

We are looking for heroes. True-to-life heroes who quietly make and shape Kolkata.

As author Justin Cronin said, "Real courage is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. Doing the unpopular thing because it's what you believe, and the heck with everybody..." Not many can gather the courage to walk into the unknown, risk everything they own to work for society. Even fewer can work for others from behind the scenes, seeking no credit or exposure. They do it for what they believe is just. They do it for humanity. They take pride in serving others and find happiness in making others smile.

Our real heroes are these, who remain in the shadows and work selflessly to make a difference to the lives of those around them.

In the quicksand of scams, corruption, cronyism, greed and cynicism, it’s not easy to keep our footing. But just as it takes a shift in perspective to read the letters NOW HERE as NOWHERE, a little recalibration will call our attention to the vast number of men and women who with their unsung, everyday heroics make the country, this city, the neighbourhood you live in, just that much better. They are the change-makers who make this city — the cultural hub of India — a little more exciting, a little more humane, and that much more a world-class city.

In its 175th year, The Times of India salutes them through a series of articles titled ‘Kolkata Heroes’. It will honour these men and women and we hope that their stories inspire the hero in all of us. We are looking for people like Bhabesh Das, a civil engineer, who gave up his successful consultancy and turned his home in Kolkata into a shelter for children orphaned in Cyclone Aila. It’s a story of compassion that will inspire us to look within and explore the possibilities of doing our bit for those who need our support.

Sumit Sen, editor, TOI Kolkata

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